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Winter Fun in Montreal

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Montreal is a city that never stops, not even for winter. There is a constant stream of events happening all winter, here are a few of our favorites for the next month.

Illumi: December 24 was the longest night of the year, but it will be quite some time before the days are longer then the nights again. If you are looking to ward off the winter gloom Cavalia’s Illumi is for you. Located just off shore in Laval, Illumi is a festival of lights and sounds with more than 10 million lights as part of the world’s largest multimedia light and sound show!

Walk through 8 different worlds of light including the Magic Lanterns, an Asian themed world with sparkling flowers and a mighty dragon. Or, the Infinite Poles, a magical land of igloos and penguins. Illumi also hosts many seasonal vendors and food stands to meet all your needs.