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What to Wear in Winter!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

A good coat!

A good coat is a must for Canadian winters. There are a lot of things a student may want to cheap out on, but this is not one of them. When the wind is blowing hard -15c can feel like -30c! Without a warm jacket getting anywhere will be miserable.

When looking for a good jacket do a little research first. Clothing companies provide a temperature rating to give you an indication of how toasty warm their winter jackets will keep you. Make sure you find one that meets the needs of your local weather. We strongly suggest looking into down-filled coats which are some of the warmest you can get although there are high-tech options available as well. Finally, we strongly suggest you choose a longer coat that goes well below the waist. You won’t always have the option of snow pants; a long coat can provide much-needed leg coverage. While we are speaking of snow pants…