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Understanding the New Changes to the Quebec Immigration system

This summer the province of Quebec has updated and changed some of the rules for immigration for International students.

The Quebec Skilled worker (QSWP) program which currently is a first come first serve application system is being replaced with the Quebec Skilled Worker Expression of Interest (QSWP-EOI) program, as of August 2, 2018 students who would have applied under the QSW program will now have to apply under the QSWP EOI program.

Are you Eligible?

Anyone 18 years or older can submit and application to the QSWP Expression of Interest program. Application in this bank will be scored based on factors such as work experience, language proficiency, financial status and education and training. Minimally students must receive 2 points for prior education (Secondary School) and must be financially self sufficient.

The points awarded for the QSWP program remain the same, except for a valid employment offer, which increases to a potential maximum of 14 points. The Stay and family in Quebec sections have also seen changes to the way in which they are measured.

One of the important factors that should be noted is that a high score is not the only factor that is considered. Quebec is suffering a shortage of skilled workers and residents in some of the outlying areas of the province and thus may weigh students applying from their regions more favorably.

With these new changes come a promise to reduce the processing times to 12 months and under a welcome change from the current processing times which can reach nearly 32 months in some cases.

The Quebec government has indicated a desire to improve efficiency to combat the provinces shortage of skilled labour.

CHANGES TO PEQ (Quebec Experience Program) Formerly students applying after 12 months of work inside Quebec were required to be in occupations in the skill type o, Skill level A or B under the Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC). This requirement has been changed and students in Skill level C and D may also apply.

Another key change is that spouses of eligible students who are working in Quebec while their partner studies can apply through PEQ for their CSQ.

Please Note: Students looking to immigrate to Canada should consult the services of a Canadian registered immigration consultant (CIRC) or that of an immigration lawyer. For more information or a refferal please contact Rising Phoenix International today.




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