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Quebec: Canada’s Most Affordable Province

There are countless reasons to fall in love with Quebec, from its illustrious history and picturesque landscapes to its world-class entertainment and faithful devotion to greasy spoon delicacies. But on May 1, Quebec residents gained a new reason to celebrate, as the province raised its minimum wage to $12.50 an hour.

But what exactly does this hike mean for those working within the province?

First off, the raise in minimum wage means that these workers can look forward to an extra $400 to $650 in their wallets by the end of the year. But, more importantly, this hike improves Quebec’s already-affordable cost of living.

With its high incomes and inexpensive prices, Quebec has consistently ranked as one of the places in North America with the best quality of life. In fact, cities like Montreal, Longueil, and Sherbrooke are all recognized for offering low expenses related to housing, food, and health care, especially when compared to major cities in other Canadian provinces. For example, the average rent for a three-bedroom apartment in Montreal is $1,299.14, compared to $2,616.25 in Toronto.

But these cost comparisons aren’t just restricted to expenses like rent. For example, the average price of a monthly transportation pass in Toronto is $146.25, as opposed to $85 in Montreal. Even a meal is cheaper in Quebec! In Montreal, the average price of a meal is $15, which is $5 cheaper than in Toronto. Basically, in terms of affordable costs of living, no other Canadian province can hold a candle to Quebec.

For international students in Quebec, the cost of living is even lower. Every month, it is estimated that these students spend $500 on rent, $60 on transportation, and approximately $250 on food. As international students benefit from a low cost of living in one of the most affordable places in North America, it is exceptionally easy to see why so many people consider coming to Canada for their studies.



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