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Montreal Transportation: Bixi

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

When most international students consider Montreal’s public transit system, they think of hectic busses, luxurious trains, and intricately designed subway systems. However, these students seldom consider that, during the summer, there is another method of transportation that is more efficient, dynamic, and sweat-inducing – the bike.

In Montreal, biking is a method of transportation unlike any other due to BIXI, a public bicycle sharing system. Launched in 2009, BIXI has revolutionized public transportation by being recognized as North America’s first large-scale bike sharing system.

Here’s how it works; those who are interested in biking around Montreal must visit one of the many bike docks scattered throughout the city. These docks are usually situated in areas with high population density, points of interests, and learning centers. At the bike docks, users can rent bikes using a subscriber key obtained online, or by using an access code provided by the dock’s pay station. A subscription key allows users an unlimited number of rentals under 30 minutes for 1-day and 3-day subscriptions. If a trip lasts longer than this no-charge period, the user will face additional charges, on an increasing price sale. Subscriptions can be purchased at $5 a day and $14 for three days. If users would like to pay for a single 30-minute trip, they must pay $2.75 at the pay station of the bike dock. After obtaining their bike, users are free to travel the city at their leisure, eventually returning the bike at any BIXI bike dock.

So, if you’re looking for a mode of transport that gets you where you need to be while simultaneously exercising your core muscles, BIXI is the way to go!

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