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Montreal is Going Green!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The City of Montreal is coming to the end of it's 2016-2020 environmental program and already Mayor Plante has made it clear that Montreal will continue to move forward to become a cleaner, more sustainable city.

There is a global move towards sustainability and green technology which is certain to drive great economic change over then next 50 years. By embracing environmentalism early Montreal is setting itself up as a global example of what is needed, not just to combat climate change but to improve living conditions for the people who live here. Adding green spaces beautifies the city and reducing emissions protects the health of Montrealers.

Montreal’s first Plan for Sustainable Development began in 2005 and has been expanding since. The city has been working in concert with industry and non profit partners to grow the economy sustainably with great success.

Mayor Plante’s newest initiative is the creation of the largest urban park in Canada. The proposed Great West Park in the west island is planned to cover an area 15 times larger than Mt. Royal and 8 times the size of Central Park in New York. The park will consolidate 5 existing parks or green spaces into one protected area, a long-term goal of local conservation groups.

The city has more plans for expanding its green spaces. Two loans totaling over 100 million dollars are to be used to create the Great West Park, protect other established spaces, and to acquire new land for future protected spaces. The ultimate goal is for Montreal to protect 10% of it’s total area.

In addition, there are plans to increase the city’s canopy by planting trees along urban streets. This program has already been in action for several years. A city’s canopy is essential to counteract the urban heat island effect where cities reflect more light and heat than surrounding areas. Montreal is already doing well in this area with 20.5% coverage but plans on increasing to 25% by 2025. An increased canopy helps clean the air, reduce urban heat, improves biodiversity and encourages the infiltration of rain water.

99.8% of all electric power in Quebec is produced using renewables, largely hydro electricity. This combined with our strong move towards sustainability has earned the city Cision’s certification as an environmentally sustainable destination for meetings and conventions making the city attractive to green start-ups and established environmentally conscious companies.

Montreal is a gorgeous city of cultural and economic diversity. We will be on the leading edge of not just green growth but in improving living conditions across the city with access to nature and healthier air.

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