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Montreal: 5th Best City to Live in the World!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

InterNations has rated Montreal as 5th best city in the world to move to according to expats! An expat is anyone living outside of their nation of birth be it for work, studies or retirement. Montreal is the only North American city in the top ten!

There are many reasons why expats find Montreal such a wonderful city to live in:

Work Life Balance: Montreal ranked 10th overall for work life balance. Over the last ten years or so the working environment in Montreal has changed dramatically. The idea of productivity over attendance has become much more popular in the work place and along with that shift came better working conditions.

Many Montreal companies have adapted to meet the needs of a modern family. While not universal to all companies, many will offer at least some of the following concessions:

-Flexible hours

-Shortened work week

-Working from home

-Days off for marriage or bereavement

-Banked days off

-Deferred-salary leave or unpaid leave

-Workplace daycare

-Group insurance plans

-RRSP contribution matching

Outside of the work place Montreal is a very family and activity orientated city with many festivals, tourist locations and entertainment facilities as well as municipal sports facilities and parks.

Housing: Montreal has a very affordable housing market compared to other major cities at 8th place. The cost of buying an apartment in downtown Toronto is 93% higher than downtown Montreal and can raise to almost 150% outside of the city center. Montreal’s housing prices are increasing, but at nowhere near the same levels of Toronto or Vancouver for instance. While prices of living downtown are raising quickly the suburbs still have affordable housing with larger lots and homes along with lower costs.

Local Cost of Living: Montreal’s cost of living is lower than many other cities at 11th place. When compared to a city like Toronto you will note that Montreal is cheaper almost across the board. The exception being internet costs which are roughly equivalent across Canada and generally considered higher than most other countries.

Growth Industries: Not mentioned in the report are Montreal’s many growth industries. Our city is a hub for IT, particularly Video Games, Visual Effects and Artificial Intelligence. We are also home to a booming Aerospace and Engineering sector and there is a constant need for workers in Manufacturing and Machining. People who work in either Health or Early Childhood Education are in high demand across Quebec with many long-term career opportunities. Montreal is an excellent place for skilled workers to find employment in rapidly advancing and globally important industries.

Montreal is a growing world class city with a multi-cultural heritage and a global competitor in an age of increasing international mobility. We thank you for taking the time to consider what we have to offer to prospective students and future skilled workers from around the world.

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