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Lanzhou Foreign Language School

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

On April 5th the Rising Phoenix Team arrived in Lanzhou, we were graciously greeted by Principal Wong and his team at Lanzhou Foreign Language School. The next day we were able to visit their senior campus and meet with grade 12 (senior secondary 3) students who were taking French language as part of their studies. These students were very interested in hearing about Canada and specifically Quebec as they had spent 5 years learning French and were eager to use their language skills while studying in Canada.

On April 7th we were fortunate enough to visit the Lanzhou Foreign Language Junior School where we presented to an assembly of students. Some of them had already began English or French language courses, others were on the cusp of having to choose which language to specialize in. With the help of Professor Sun we gave a presentation to these students about Canada and the world of possibilities that awaited there for them, should they choose to become an international student. Principal Zhang and her team have a wonderful school and students who are filled with wonder and an appreciation for learning.

During our time in Lanzhou we were also fortunate enough to experience some of their culture by visiting their museums and the Development Center for the Future of the City of Lanzhou. With breathtaking views of the Yellow River it was a wonderful day. Thank you to Principal Wong and International Dean Mr. Fox for allowing us to experience it.

Our last day in Lanzhou we met with more senior students (Grade 10 and 11) who were studying French and eager to learn about Quebec. We were then hosted for a lovely meal by Principal Wong. It was sad to say goodbye so instead we said “see you soon”.