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Jiujang Foreign Language School, Rising Phoenix International and ITD Canada Sign MoU.

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

On March 29th the Rising Phoenix Team arrived at Jiujang Foreign Language School in JiangXi. We were warmly greeted by school Principal, Zhou Weihua and Vice Principal, Wu Jianing. After some preliminary discussions Principal Zhou graciously hosted us for a traditional Chinese Dinner of their local cuisine and gave us a tour of a famous park within their city.

On March 30th the Rising Phoenix Team was invited to give a presentation on Canadian schools to the Administration at Jiujang Foreign Language School. We then had the privilege of meeting the students in the junior school section.

RPTINL President Carol Mastantuono and others got to interact with the students and ask them questions about Canada, their school and their futures. It was a truly amazing experience as they were warm, polite and so welcoming. Truly a bright group of students with a great future ahead of them.

We then met Hazel and her teacher and mentor Becky. Hazel is a senior student who has been given acceptance into the Anthropology Department of the University of Toronto and starts this summer. She should be proud and we wish her the best.

RPINTL is excited to report that on March 31st ITD Canada and Rising Phoenix International signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Jiujang Foreign Language School for the purpose of creating pathways for their students to study in Canada.

Here are some of the pictures of the signing. Pictured below is School Principal, Zhou, ITD Canada President, Sohiel Gorji and RPINTL Vice-President, Joseph Mastantuono

Later that day Principal Zhou and her team took us on a tour of Mount Lushan, with its breathtaking views and rich cultural history it was truly an amazing sight to see. The entire Rising Phoenix Team was so grateful to have been able to witness the splendor and beauty of this national Chinese treasure.

Rising Phoenix International along with ITD Canada look forward to building many more bridges and strengthening our partnership with Jiujang Foreign Language School to give their students a pathway and opportunity to study in Canada.

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