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International Jazz Festival

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Montreal is known for its artistic diversity, made wondrous due to the cultural mosaic of its residents, whose various ethnicities each contribute a piece to the complex puzzle. Never is that more evident than with the city’s terrific International Jazz Festival.

Montreal’s renowned Jazz Festival is a fusion between art and culture where, for 10 days, jazz aficionados unite in the brilliantly unusual and share their burning passion for music. Not only is the festival a paradise for jazz lovers, but it has also gained credence for its inclusion of genres such as blues, soul, swing, and electronica.

When contemplating the overwhelming success of the festival these days, it seems almost unbelievable that, in 1979, what was supposed to be the first edition of the festival was reduced to only two nights of shows due to a lack of funding. However, following the true inauguration of the festival by the iconic Ray Charles in 1980, the event has continuously grown and expanded into the impressively momentous occasion it is today.

What began as a nearly failed attempt has become the world’s biggest jazz celebration. Due to the progress accumulated over the last four decades, the festival now accommodates approximately 3,000 artists to perform for over 2 million festivalgoers. The festival’s concert series is spread across several outdoor stages and 11 concert halls, all located in the heart of downtown Montreal.

This year, Montreal’s International Jazz Festival will celebrate its 40th edition from June 26th to July 6th, and will feature big names such as Bryan Adams, Pink Martini, alt-J, Courtney Barnett, Blue Rodeo, and Norah Jones. Prepare to unite in the unusual once again!

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