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Four Tips for Choosing the Right Program of Study for You

When deciding to come from another country to study in Canada, you are making a very important decision. After all, a good education is a passport to the world, and degrees and attestations earned in Canada are recognized everywhere, but how can you know you are making the choice that works for your aptitudes and interests?

Ensuring that you are in the right program is very important so that your education and your experiences build a solid foundation for your professional life. Here are some elements to consider as you prepare your application.

Identify Your Core Abilities and Interests

To begin, it is important to take the time to reflect and be introspective when selecting a field of study: after all, if you choose a field that closely ties with skills you have already invested in, and about which you are passionate, you have a bigger chance at success and fulfillment in your academic and professional careers.

For example, do you enjoy interacting face-to-face with others, and coming to agreements that benefit both?