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Fine Arts in Montreal!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Montreal is a globally renowned hub for the arts. We are known for our cuisine, music, festivals, films, comedy and galleries. And goodness knows there are more than just a few colleges in Montreal which teach the fine and practical arts.

A large part of our city’s arts heritage is thanks to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Founded by 1860 by Bishop Fulford, the museum was originally the Art Association of Montreal, an itinerant exhibit traveling from location to location locally for the first 20 years of it’s existence. It did not become a permanent exhibit until 1877 when Benaiah Gibb, a prominent local businessman, donated a substantial art collection along with a building on Philips Square. He also donated $8000, close to $200,000 today, for the construction a new building for the museum. The gallery was inaugurated in 1897 becoming the first building in Canada build specifically to house fine art. The museum later moved to the Holton House location in Montreal’s Golden Mile, then the center of Montreal’s wealthy elite. A new larger museum was built largely with the donations of local businessmen and the museum’s committee itself. The old location was demolished and is now, ironically, a Burger King.