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Exciting Things to Do in Sherbrooke

With its lush parks and gripping history, the City of Sherbrooke effortlessly emanates an infectious charm to the thousands of students that flock to its esteemed learning institutions. Endearingly labelled as the Queen of the Eastern Townships, Sherbrooke is a vibrant student city that boasts approximately 40,000 students. In fact, Sherbrooke has the largest concentration of students in Quebec, as students represent approximately 10% of the city’s population. For these students, Sherbrooke is a cozy and intimate paradise that nourishes the soul as much as it nourishes the mind. The following is a list of some of the most exciting things to do in Sherbrooke, effectively demonstrating that, in this city, there truly is something for everyone.


In Sherbrooke, learning is not only confined to the four walls of a classroom – rather, there are multiple institutions designed to boost knowledge and creativity. With over 4,600 works on display, the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts is a hub for art aficionados. In addition to accommodating various exhibits, the museum showcases works inspired by the Eastern Townships and international native art. Meanwhile, the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum is home to 65,000 objects and specimens, including animal fossils, minerals, and archeological artefacts. The museum also features interactive exhibits that truly bring science to life.