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Understanding CEGEP (Pre-University D.E.C. -Diploma of College Studies) in Quebec

Getting into a great university is the dream of many students and all of their parents. For an International Student wanting to come to Canada to pursue higher education there are many questions and challenges about what is the best way to get into a good university.

For some students the CEGEP system of Quebec can offer them a bridge way path to prepare them for study at Canadian Universities. But given that this is a unique educational path to the province of Quebec, students have many questions about CEGEP.

The CEGEP system is unique to Quebec and it is designed as a bridge between secondary school (high school) and University. These programs are 2 years in length and designed to cover the subject matter of Grade 12 elsewhere in Canada and the first year of University education.

Students in grade 11 are eligible to take the CEGEP pathway, so for many International students this offers them the mobility to plan their future in Canada one year earlier than all othe