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Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Cairo and More!

Rising Phoenix International will be travelling all over the world in 2018. Our team strives to help International Students find the right program and province to achieve their dreams of a future of study in Canada. We do this by going to them! Every year we travel to major cities across Asian and South America to attend International Education fairs, host information sessions and meet with prospective students.

Here are a few of the places and dates for our upcoming travel in 2018

February 7th - 12th 2018 | Seoul, South Korea: CO-EX fair

Lead by our Vice-President of Business Development Christina Mastantuono the team is heading to Seoul, South Korea to participate in the CO-EX fair. We will also be planning an information session for prospective students as well as meeting with our many partners in South Korea. If you are looking to start on the path to your journey to Canada and want to meet with us in South Korea contact Christina today at cmast@rpintl.ca

March 14th – 29th 2018 | Beijing and Shanghai, China

Rising Phoenix International’s President Carol Mastantuono will be leading the team, including Executive Director Marcus Tabachnick and Vice President Joseph Mastantuono to Beijing and Shanghai, China in March 2018. The team will be touring various schools, meeting with our partners and giving information sessions to prospective students and their parents. In Shanghai we will be taking the time visiting Shanghai Jiao Tong University to continue to build bridges and pathways for students who want to come to Canada to study. If you are interested in learning more or meeting with the RPINTL team while we are in China please contact Joseph Mastantuono at jmast@rpintl.ca

April 10th – 19th 2018 | Cairo, Egypt

Rising Phoenix International’s President Carol Mastantuono once again will be again leading the team to Cairo, Egypt in April 2018. There RPINTL will participate in an educational fair and information session for students looking to come to Canada to pursue their dreams of international study. If you want more information or to meet with Rising Phoenix International in Cairo contact us at info@rpintl.ca

2018 has just started and Rising Phoenix International will be visiting many more countries as the year progresses. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest RPTINL and International Education news.

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