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8 Steps to Studying Abroad in Canada

Deciding whether to spend a few months studying in a foreign country is not easy– in fact, it requires an immense amount of research, deliberation, and planning. But once the decision to take your education to new and exciting heights has finally been made, things can get a little overwhelming. After all, with so much to do, where do you begin? How do you know that you’ve covered all your bases? And what if you forgot a vital detail along the way? Rising Phoenix International has you covered with eight basic steps that will guide you through the process of studying abroad in Canada.

Step 1: Select Your Program and School

Canada’s education sector is second-to-none, which means that there is an abundance of quality institutions to choose from. We suggest that you begin your journey by considering your career aspirations. What skills would you like to hone during your time in Canada? What program do you think will best s