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5 Advantages of Studying in Montreal

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Canada is the new hotspot for international students. In the next decade, there is expected to be 10 million foreign students registered across Canada, according to The Globe and Mail.

Montreal, rich in history and culture, is one of the preferred cities to attend college due to that fact but not limited to the many diverse communities.

Along with finding your group of friends and future colleagues in school, feel free to explore the areas of Mile End, The Village, Little Maghreb, or Chinatown to find the neighbourhood that suits your personality most.

Before you begin the next steps, you may be feeling a bit apprehensive and overwhelmed.Not knowing the customs, language, or even climate pose a concern to many. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you know what to expect. Visualizing what is to come may help in overcoming your anxiety.

We have highlighted five points that will make you feel confident and eager to apply for an education in Montreal, Canada. Together, these points will help you mentally prepare for what is to come and excited for the next chapter of your life.

1.The friendliness you can expect

There is a consensus that Canadians are polite and friendly around the world. There is another characteristic affiliated with Canadians that they tend to over-apologize, especially if they bump into you. Travelers who visit Canada have the same perspective, recounting fond memories of openness, acceptance, and manners in a survey conducted by Global News.

Recently, The London Free Press has reported that Canada’s friendliness serves to be a top factor that entices international students to apply to Canadian universities yearly. The findings come from 1,500 guidance counsellors that were interviewed from around the world.

2.The level of safety

Canada and its cities are one of the safest places to live in the world - consistently ranked by various sources of being places that have a high standard of living and security. With little crime rates, natural disasters, or corruption, it has earned its title as a peaceful nation worldwide.

According to CBC News, the city of Montreal gets safer ever year and the crime rate has been nearly halved since 1998. Almost all crime in the greater Montreal area is non-violent and happens during the day.

3. Sense of inclusion

It is encouraged that people maintain their cultures and customs when they arrive to Canada. Together we hope to build strong communities, cities, and regions that celebrate our differences and discover what we have in common.

20.6% of Canada’s population is born outside the nation and 34.2% of Montreal’s population are members from a visible minority (non-white) community. We have strength in our diversity and value being a society of different backgrounds and histories.

4.Respect for beliefs and customs

There are shared beliefs and values held by Canadians. These include respect, integrity, and openness to the world regardless of differences and values.

In 1971, Pierre Trudeau announced multicultural as an official government policy. This new piece of legislation was enacted to preserve the cultural freedom of all individuals and promote the harmony between different ethnic groups.

5. Low cost of living

Compared to many other international cities in North America, Montreal has relatively inexpensive rent. For a single bedroom in Toronto the average cost is $1109 while in Montreal it will cost you $776.

Luckily enough, for you, Montreal has an abundance of living options that are spread across a large portion of land making it easy to find an accommodation in any season.

If these aspects have not put your mind at ease, try contacting one of our customer service representatives at Rising Phoenix International that can answer any further questions.

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