For over 100 years, O’Sullivan College has prepared students for success by offering quality training and the potential to develop professional skills. Situated in the heart of downtown Montreal, O’Sullivan College offers international students the opportunity to hone their skills while exploring the wonders of one of Canada’s most renowned cities.

There are many things that distinguish O’Sullivan College from other learning institutions, including its illustrious history, specialized internships, state-of-the-art equipment, and its status as a private learning centre. However, a defining characteristic of O’Sullivan College is its student-first mandate. O’Sullivan College’s devotion to providing students with a sense of belonging is an integral element of its identity, and best demonstrated through a dynamic student life, invaluable placement services, and the continuous support extended to the institution’s students.


O'Sullivan College
1191 Rue de la Montagne,
Montréal, QC H3G 1Z2
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Designated Learning Institution
DLI#: O19358463079

Downtown Montreal Location

O’Sullivan College is recognized for the excellence of its study programs and the continuous support it offers students. Our institution provides an exceptional learning environment in the heart of downtown Montreal. For over 100 years, our private college in Montreal has focused on superior teaching quality, dynamic student life and developing a strong sense of belonging. Even today, continuing this tradition of excellence is still our first priority.


O’Sullivan College offers pre-university programs such as Paralegal Technology and Medical Records. These pre-university programs are unique to the province of Quebec and are ideal for international students who are looking for a pathway to study at a Canadian university. Students who have completed a pre-university DEC program in Quebec can complete a bachelor’s degree at a Canadian university in three years, as opposed to the usual four.

In addition, O’Sullivan College is also reputable for its short-term AEC programs, which facilitate quick entry into the job market and ensure that all students meet the needs of current and future employers.


Medical Records

Medical records technicians can work in a variety of environments, including hospitals, local community service centres (CLSC), regional health and service boards, hospital centres for long-term care, polyclinics, government agencies, private corporations, insurance companies, medical records consulting firms and coroner’s office.



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