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The Institute of Technology Development of Canada was Founded in 1999, the college is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. ITD Canada delivers a fully comprehensive learning experience to both domestic and international students. They believe in lifelong learning opportunities as pathways for individuals to remain competitive, providing programs with field experiences that prepare students for a changing world and empower them to improve it.

ITD Canada is constantly innovating and offers career training programs developed by professionals with credentials related to their areas of expertise. ITD's small class sizes allow closer interaction and individual attention whilst maintaining the high standard of quality that our students need to succeed in their future endeavors. Additionally, our career training programs are constantly updated to meet the marketplace requirements.

CO-OP Work Placements: All of ITD Canada's career programs have the option of 1 year CO-OP work placement. Students are placed in jobs related to their study and earn wages as they work and study. This valuable opportunity offered by ITD Canada gives students a leg up when trying to enter the work force after graduation.

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Institute of Technology Development of Canada  
475 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1T1
Designated Learning Institution
DLI#:  O19279542632
Programs: Decorating and Design | Rising Phoenix International

Career Programs | Vancouver, British Columbia


COOP & Career services

Many of ITD's Diplomas include Co-op placements that allow students to practice their knowledge and skills in a truly Canadian job environment. Co-ops are paid work experience opportunities and students are required to successfully complete their co-op terms in order to graduate from their program and receive a diploma.


Why Choose ITD CANADA?

Accredited Programs:

ITD programs are accredited to ensure the highest quality of education is delivered to you! They offer 14 up-to-date, accelerated career training, market-driven Diploma programs in business, art, IT and hospitality, many of which can have the academic requirements completed in a year or less!

CO-OP work experience:

Many of their programs include co-op so students can get the practical skills and experience they need to excel in their new career.

Industry Input:

ITD programs have been designed with input from industry leaders in various companies in BC, helping to ensure that our students are learning what they need to know for the job.

Smaller class sizes and student-focused environment:

ITD programs have been designed with input from industry leaders in various companies in BC, helping to ensure that our students are learning what they need to know for the job.

Learn from industry professionals:

ITD Canada instructors bring years of professional experience into the classroom. Having spent time in the field they teach, they are able to enhance curricula to the needs of potential employers.

Career and co-op services assistance:

ITD has experienced advisors who review the student resumes, help them with their job search and prepare them to be interviewed. Additionally, they are committed to help schedule two potential co-op interviews for students. We provide students with all the necessary tools to facilitate the transition from education to the workplace.

Affordable payment plans are available:

The institute is truly committed to helping its students meet their tuition expenses. They offer flexible monthly payments to qualified candidates.

Students can receive up to three months of free ESL:

Students can improve their English skills before the beginning their Diploma programs by attending ESL classes. After prior assessment, students will be placed according to their proficiency and will receive the necessary training to improve their skills ensuring they take full advantage of the academic studies.




1-844-577-4685 Toll free

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