L'institut Supérieur d'Informatique

L'Institut supérieur d'informatique (ISI) has been accredited by the Quebec government since 1997, (permit 303-531) for its attestations of collegial studies (Attestation d'études collégiales (AEC)).

ISI offers specialized and exclusive I.T. programs to provide graduates with technical mastery and versatility to increase their chances of success in the job market.

ISI believes in staying on the cutting edge of new technologies, their aim is to create graduates that are knowledgeable in the latests developments in the I.T. sector. This mission has lead our graduates to be sought after by employers when they enter the work force.

ISI's attestations of college studies (AEC) are recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education and enjoy an excellent reputation among employers.

ISI is located in the adjacent to downtown on the eastern side of Montreal, its campus is a 3 minute walk from Cremazie Metro Station. 

L'Institut supérieur d'informatique
255 Crémazie Est, 100
Montréal, Québec
H2M 1M2
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Designated Learning Institution
DLI#:  O19338447379


The skills of ISI graduates are well recognized in the I.T. industry in Quebec. Over the years, ISI has been able to diversify and establish an extensive network of contacts in the job market. The school offers its students a complete placement service in this booming industry which is always on the lookout for qualified professionals.


Why choose the Institut supérieur d'informatique?

Career Days:

Three times a year, Career Days are organized at ISI.


The doors are open to companies looking for the best candidates in the I.T field. Graduates can meet potential employers and network with companies in their field of study.

Even after graduation, former graduates can return to ISI to participate in these events.​


Every year this event leads to many students making meaningful connections that can lead toward getting a great job!


Each program at ISI has a portion of the study dedicated to an internship at a company in the I.T.  sector connected to their studies. 

These internships allow for the students to get acquainted with the practice of their profession by being able to concretely apply their knowledge in a professional environment.

The students will find themselves in direct contact with colleagues, teammates, customers and users in addition to dealing with certain job realities such as problem solving, budget compliance and tight deadlines, giving the student excellent hands-on experience.

Companies that have recently hired ISI graduates:



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