Sherbrooke, Student Life

A Student City Filled with Life and Energy!

With a big and growing student community, Sherbrooke offers a great life for both local and international students!

Ski Station Parc du Mont-Bellevue

Sherbrooke's top skiing destination!

This is a huge park offering many activities with a wide variety for each of the seasons. Skiing is one of the most noted and practiced activities there and has popularized the region with it when it comes to winter sports.

The Authentic Sugar Shack Experience!

The Best Sugar Shack experience in the Sherbrooke region can be lived with Earbilis and their cozy ambiance and great menu.

A student city filled with festivals!

Sherbrooke has multiple annual festivals which are widely known. The most famous one is the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke! It is a beautiful event encompassing many cultural traditions from around the world.

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