Located in the heart of downtown Sherbrooke, surrounded by cafes, trendy restaurants and unique shops, CDE College welcomes students from across the region looking for opportunities for professional development and career training.

CDE College prides itself on its commitment to excellence and it’s reputation with employers throughout the region and the province of Quebec. CDE’s graduates are well respected for their knowledge, skills and adaptability to the needs of the workforce

Students at CDE are welcomes by a staff of trained professionals whose passion is education. CDE’s dedicated teaching staff work with each student to help develop their strengths and prepare them to be competitive members of the workforce. CDE College develops partnerships with business throughout the region to create opportunities for their students through internships and job fairs.

CDE Collège
37, Wellington Nord
Sherbrooke , Québec 
J1H 5A9
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Designated Learning Institution
DLI#:  O19338281175
Programs: Buisiness and Financial Services | Rising Phoenix International

A.E.C. (Attestations d'études collégiales) | Sherbrooke, Quebec

Programs: Informational Technology | Rising Phoenix International


Sherbrooke is the primary economic, political, cultural and institutional centre of Estrie, and was known as the Queen of the Eastern Townships at the beginning of the 20th century.

Sherbrooke has the largest concentration of students in Quebec. There are eight institutions educating 40,000 students. Sherbrooke boasts  10.32 students per 100 inhabitants. In proportion to its population.

This has lead to a vibrant and exciting population that thrives on education and has created a rich cultural diversity.


Why choose CDE?

Cutting Edge Programs and Training

With many programs to choose from CDE is commited to offering programs and training designed to meet the needs of employers across the region and Quebec. It is their goal to make CDE graduates sought after by employers. 

Internships and placement

CDE Students on their internship will be placed as some of the best companies in the region. This will allow students to learn on the job and network with potential employers and workers in their field. For International students this will allow them to integrate more fully into the job market before graduation. 

A Staff that cares about you!

The staff at CDE are professional educators with a passion and commitment to learning. They believe that each student is part of the CDE Family and thus works dilligently to promote their success, helping prepare each student to create a bright future for themselves.

The City of Sherbrooke

Home to more students per ca-pita than anywhere else in Quebec, the city of Sherbrooke is a vibrant city with a young feel. It's people are warm and welcoming and students will be able to work, live and learn in surrounded by like minded individuals. The grandeur and beauty of the area is the jewel of the region. 




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