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In 2006, l’École d’administration et de secrétariat de la Rive-Sud inc. and l’École de secrétariat Notre-Dame-des-Neiges amalgamated and became the Collège de comptabilité et de secrétariat du Québec (CCSQ). The newly formed alliance created a brand with 40 years of service in the educational sector.

CCSQ has always been an innovator and the alliance proudly boasts it was the first college in the greater Montreal area to give each student access to a computer for the duration of their studies.


CCSQ prides itself as a leader in professional training for secretarial studies, accounting and Medical secretarial studies. It offers a dynamic, stimulating and warm learning environment that facilitates the development of all the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Always endeavouring to be at the cutting edge of technology to meet the demands of the workplace, the CCSQ prides itself on training new professionals capable of meeting the real needs of today’s businesses.

CCSQ’s goal is to create opportunities for our students to get the great jobs and build solid and exciting careers. We teach students to be life long learners ready to adapt and succeed in the workplace

Collège De Comptabilité Et De Secrétariat Du Québec, Campus De Longueuil Inc.
910 Boulevard Curé-Poirier O
Longueuil, Québec
J4K 2C7
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Designated Learning Institution
DLI#:  O246881964391(Longueuil)

D.E.P(Diplôme d'études professionnelles) | Longueuil , Quebec

  • Secretarial Studies – DEP 5712

  • Accounting – DEP 5731

  • Double DEP Accounting and Secretarial Studies – DEP 5712 and 5731

  • Secretarial Studies – Medical – ASP 5727


Why choose the Collège De Comptabilité Et De Secrétariat Du Québec?

Small groups

Smaller groups of students allow educators to provide a more hands on personalized approach.

Access to quality employment

The education received at CSSQ will open doors to many companies and businesses who are need of qualified candidates.

Practical and theoretical courses

CCSQ's  educators will provide you with a curriculum that will not only impart all the knowledge needed to succeed, they will also provide you with practical industry methods that are used in the workplace.

Friendly and stimulating environment

CCSQ's educators want you to see you succeed, and believe that  friendly and stimulating environment will foster personal growth to help you achieve your goals.




1-844-577-4685 Toll free

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